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TerraZyme® soil stabilizer is a safe, effective, non-corrosive liquid enzyme soil stabilizer that significantly enhances the properties of the soil used in the construction of road infrastructure. The result is a better and longer lasting soil stabilized road with increased CBR loading, reduced soil permeability and increased road strength. These lower a road's construction and maintenance costs while increasing the overall quality of its structure. TerraZyme is easy to use and is not harmful to the soil or its applicators.

TerraZyme® soil stabilizer is produced in the United States by Nature Plus, Inc. and is available worldwide through local distributors or directly from NPI. Contact us for information on how this exciting new soil stabilization technology can enhance your road project and lower costs. 
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Road construction with TerraZyme soil stabilizer increases the efficiency of construction operations and delivers a quicker return on investment. It also improves control of project quality and reduces maintenance.
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TerraZyme soil stabilizer provides the flexibility to meet client budget constraints while delivering superior road quality. And since application is extremely easy, TerraZyme has been used literally all over the world.
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Worldwide, TerraZyme soil stabilizer has lowered construction costs by 10% to 25% and maintenance costs by more than 75%, while delivering superior quality and longer economic life than ordinary road designs.
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