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Application is easy and training is available.

Road soil analysis is a must.

Break up road bed to proper depth

Determine the amount of TerraZyme to use, mix with water and spray on prepared road bed

Re-mix prepared road bed

Compact road bed and road is ready for light traffic

Road teams can complete 3,000 square meters per day and up to 50,000 square meters per day with reclaimer equipment

How TerraZyme is Applied

Application of TerraZyme Soil Stabilizer is easy and can be mastered in a two-day training session. Standard road construction equipment and manpower is sufficient for effective application once training has occurred.

A soil sample which is representative of the road to be stabilized must be gathered and reviewed before beginning the stabilization project. This is to determine whether the soil is adequate “as is” or if amendments are needed. A soil analysis form containing simple gradation, plasticity and CBR data from a professional soil laboratory can be submitted to Nature Plus for approval.

Key Steps

Soil stabilization with TerraZyme is accomplished in four steps:

1. Loosen soil

Scarify road surface to the designed thickness (typically a depth of 15-20cm/6-8 inches) to break up the soil. Verify that the road bed is of proper thickness.

A grader, rototiller or disk harrow can be used to pulverize clods or coarser materials.

Step 1.jpg
Step 2.jpg

2. Humidify soil with TerraZyme solution 


Application training will introduce calculations for providing the amount of TerraZyme required for the length, width and depth of soil to be treated and the quantity of water required to bring the soil to near Optimum Moisture Content. Mix the correct volume of TerraZyme into the water. Uniformly distribute the solution onto the road section with a water truck or wagon.

3. Mix treated soil uniformly

Mix the moist road material with a rototiller, disk harrow or grader to the full depth of the treated layer.

Step 3.jpg
Step 4.jpg

4. Compact treated road surface


Compact the treated bed using an adequate smooth drum or rubber tired roller. Compact from the edges toward the center of the road. Check the compaction percentage to confirm that it meets design. The treated road may be used for light traffic immediately after compaction. Protect the surface with a seal coat if the road will be used as paved road.

A trained road team can stabilize and complete at least 3,000 square meters per day using standard equipment. A team with reclaimer equipment will be highly efficient in performing steps 1 – 3 in one pass and can complete approximately 50,000 square meters per day. 

Request application information.


Watch TerraZyme Application video (English version).

**Must be on a desktop computer.

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