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TerraZyme is marketed worldwide by qualified distributors who derive a benefit from the flexibility TerraZyme brings to road design

All potential distributors must meet a number of requirements

If you believe a TerraZyme distributorship would enhance your company's competitive profile, write or e-mail us with the key information at the right

Become a TerraZyme Distributor

TerraZyme ® Soil Stabilizer is marketed and supported worldwide through a network of qualified distributors, and directly by Nature Plus in areas where a distributor is not yet chosen. TerraZyme creates an enhanced competitive profile for our distributors by offering more flexibility in developing cost effective solutions and road design alternatives for their clients.

Distributor Qualifications

Potential Distributors must:

  • Currently operate an established business with proven business development and project management skills

  • Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to generate and manage newly developed business activity based on TerraZyme sales (i.e. establish and execute marketing plans, purchase TerraZyme inventory and designate specific managers within your organization to supervise new TerraZyme business obtained).

  • Demonstrate a technical capability (i.e. company engineers or specialists with expertise in road building practices, standards, equipment, etc.) sufficient to master the application of TerraZyme. NPI will initially train new distributors' technical teams. New distributors must then take responsibility for providing competent, on-going field support to their customer projects (i.e. soil analysis, road design, application, measurements, project reports, etc.).

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the political structure and procedures for obtaining and/or supplying products for any government road projects (i.e. national, state or municipal) they may secure.

  • Affirm that in return for market protection in an area, a distributor must commit to a beginning product inventory, secure an initial project to serve as a training and demonstration venue, make regular minimum TerraZyme purchases, and supervise and faithfully report on all TerraZyme road projects obtained.


If you are interested in becoming a TerraZyme Distributor, please contact NPI by mail or

e-mail. In your correspondence, please provide the following information.

1) Contact Information

  • Company name

  • Company address

  • Tel/fax

  • Email address

  • Website URL

  • Contact person and title

  • Languages spoken by contact person


2) Country or Region of interest

3) Organization Description


  • Type of business

  • Current product line(s) or service(s)

  • Description of industry and customers

  • Approximate annual sales

  • Years in current business

  • Distribution channels

  • Number and classification of employees

  • Location and square meters of office, warehouse and plant space

  • Import experience and abilities


4) Outline your company's technical abilities


  • Number of engineers or specialists with road building expertise

  • Background and experience


5) Explain why you believe your company would be successful at developing markets for TerraZyme products. (Please describe relevant contacts and affiliations in government and private sectors).

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