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Nature Plus offers deodorizers that effectively eliminate organic odors and support integrative practice for a more healing environment.

Natural vegetable extract spray to eliminate odors from incontinence, illness, ostomy and immobility on and around patients.


Unscented deodorizer (with vegetable extracts) for neutralizing illness, medical waste & decay odors on water-safe soft & hard surfaces.

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Peppermint essential oil liquid to freshen small care areas, provide relief from stress and reduce nausea.



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Odor & Stain
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NC Super
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Peppermint Spirits


4 Big Reasons Why Our Deodorizers Make Sense for Nursing Use

Incontinence, illness, ostomy, immobility odors, stains, smells, Patient satisfaction
Vegetable extracts, Incontinence, illness, ostomy, immobility odors, stains, smells, staff tolerability
Vegetable extracts, Incontinence, illness, ostomy, immobility odors, stains, smells
Vegetable extracts, Incontinence, illness, ostomy, immobility odors, stains, smells, Cost quality outcome





Illness-related odors are embarrassing & distressing for patients. Strong & lingering perfume, alcohol, and chemical scents have proven sensitizing.  Fortunately, new chemistry that biodegrades versus masks odors provides versatility and safety in usage on and around patients. NaturCare smells good AND works effectively!  Improving the olfactory experience increases patient satisfaction. Experience with non-toxic alternatives empowers patients to feel they can also handle their odor situation at home. “Revolving Door Syndrome” can be reduced. 

Tasked to provide care, cleanup and calm patient emotions, nurses need “first aid” to do so quickly and pleasantly. NaturCare helps staff to deal with everyday care space issues. Simple, practical resources show them that management cares about their duties and work experience, which is an incredible morale booster.  Essential oils have proven an effective aid during care to calm anxiety, counter nausea, and energize. NaturCare can change both the staff and patient experience. 

Olfactory input evokes immediate negative or positive emotions in visitors, especially family members concerned with the care of their loved ones. Often unsavory smell means 

“unclean or uncared for” in their minds, even if it’s not true! Greener, cleaner care spaces are immediately recognizable and perception of quality care is enhanced when deodorizers like NaturCare are used. 

HCAHPS scores directly affect cost-quality outcome. Patients want providers to create an environment that gives them a high level of confidence in the care they are receiving. According to a HIDA report: patients look for visible displays of modern, high-quality, patient-centered amenities. NaturCare is a cost-effective, value-added product, as it is both effective and functional as a deodorizer and pleasant with no lingering chemical smell.

"I found that patients with bowel preps, GI upset, and ostomies found NaturCare to be positive and have loved using it. A lot of times those patients are sensitive about the odors emitted related to their condition, so they appreciate spraying it in their room or using it as part of their cleaning."

Courtney, RN

 NJ hospital

"Our nurses and patients

love the Lavender

NaturCare essential oil scent. Really effective in calming stress and boosting mood!"

Tess, Director

Patient Care Experience

VA hospital

"Life with a son who has chemical imbalance is challenging every day and emotionally charged.   When readmitted to the psych unit, I was distraught to be there again, but knew we needed help. Within minutes a nurse, smiling broadly, came in spraying NaturCare! Between her happy demeanor and the wonderful “gift for our noses”– it changed the whole mood of our experience!"

Louise, Mother - CT hospital

"We deal with many different odors stemming from some really unsavory sources. I can honestly say NaturCare works and patients and staff really like it. It’s a cheap price to pay for everyone’s happiness!"

Ronnelle, RN

CT hospital

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