Our enzymatic pool clarifier formulae are proprietary blends of biodegradable, environmentally friendly enzymes designed to work with all swimming pool water treatment programs.  


After disinfection, the formulae naturally consume the leftover unfilterable contaminants (body oils, suntan lotions, cosmetics, etc.) in the pool, enhancing the effectiveness of the pool sanitizer process. It reduces the constant need for shocking and oxidizing, thus reducing overall chemical and pool maintenance costs.   


Additional benefits of Enzymatic Pool Clarifier:

  • Effective phosphate removal which significantly lowers the possibility of summer algae problems

  • Special metal chelation that inhibits rust and corrosion to metal parts

  • Environmentally green sequestering agent to clarify water

  • Low foaming surfactant that do not degrade and feed algae

  • Fermented vegetable enzymes (not reconstituted) are super concentrated for control and elimination of biofilms that lead to pink slime & white water mold thus reducing the incidence of scummy waterlines

  • The enzymes keep filters clean longer, thus extend cartridge life

Non-Toxic      Non-Sensitizing      No Dyes or Fragrances

Quick and easy to use for initial startup, weekly maintenance, and 

off-season care to further enhance effectiveness of winterizing chemicals


   Enzymatic Clarifier + Pool Sanitizer is the Perfect Partnership for Clear Pool Water Perfection

   (Phosphate remover, metal scaling & sequestering agents, low-foaming  surfactants)

How to use:

  • Initial Start Up: 12 oz. per 5,000 gallons

  • Weekly: 2 oz. per 5,000 gallons poured directly into pool

  • Off Season: 12 oz. per 5,000 gallons

*adjust dosage as needed





Enzymatic Spa Clarifier is biofriendly and specifically formulated for hot tubs and spas that have a higher bather load and higher temperatures.  It is designed to break down biofilm layers that can harbor mold growth. This allows the sanitizer chemicals to work more effectively and efficiently to disinfect the spa or hot tub.

How to use:

  • 2 oz. per 400 gallons poured directly into spa/hot tub as needed.