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Awareness of TerraZyme's powerful benefits is increasing worldwide

For governments that need to invest in superior roads...

...TerraZyme delivers powerful performance and financial benefits for paved roads...

...and unsurfaced roads

TerraZyme even helps the environment

Shouldn't you consider TerraZyme for your road project?

The Benefits of Using TerraZyme

“There are never enough monies to keep our roads up”! “Why don’t they last longer”? “We just do the best we can with our budget”! “If we knew how to build them better, we would!”

While common, such comments are becoming a thing of the past as road departments worldwide increasingly become aware of the powerful benefits of using soil stabilization technology and in particular, TerraZyme Soil Stabilizer.

Governments need to invest their monies in building superior roads that have:

a) reduced construction costs
b) longer useful lives
c) minimal road maintenance costs
d) better wear qualities
e) increased transport capacity
f) greater passenger comfort
g) lower vehicle operating costs
h) reduced traffic accidents
i) excellent environmental safety


TerraZyme Delivers!

For paved roads, stabilizing the base and/or sub-base layer with TerraZyme:

  1. Improves the soil structure sufficiently to achieve confirmed savings of 25% to 30% in paved road construction costs.

  2. Strengthens the road structure of highways needing repaving and eliminates the need to remove and dispose of old asphalt. Recycling and stabilizing asphalt increases structure strength two to three times.

  3. Strengthens base layers and sub-base layers in preparation for chip and seal operations.

  4. Increases the capacity of the road surface to support traffic loads.

  5. Reduces such common road surface problems as cracking and surface loosening.

  6. Reduces the cost of purchasing and transporting construction materials for road reconditioning by reusing in-situ materials and upgrading and improving poorer quality local soils.

  7. Extends the useful life of asphalt and concrete road surfaces and stabilizes highway road shoulders. Construction savings of 10% to 25% can be achieved from reduced aggregate and hauling needs.

For roads remaining un-surfaced, stabilization with TerraZyme:

  1. Improves structural integrity and load capacity, and reduces the occurrence of serious defects such as pot holes and rut formation, resulting in fewer maintenance needs.

  2. Strengthens base layers and sub-base layers for construction or restoration of rural or forest highways.

  3. Decreases the loss of aggregate and fine material and lowers dust formation

  4. Yields significantly more durable surfaces and longer road life on secondary roads, with at least 75% lower maintenance costs (based on a 4 year study done by FELDA in Malaysia and reported by PORIM). Request a copy of the PORIM report.

Environmental benefits:

  1. Minimizes material loss of surface gravel on soil roadways due to erosion or abrasion by traffic.

  2. Reduces the ongoing cost and environmental impact of the purchase, transport and spreading of replacement gravel.

  3. Reduces health and cleanliness concerns by impeding the occurrence of dust from loose fine material on road surfaces. Dust reductions of at least 75% occurred in our Canadian program.

  4. Minimizes the harmful production and use of crushed rock and historical mineral stabilizers in road construction and maintenance.

  5. Reduces fuel usage associated with frequent, short interval road repairs.

  6. Lessens the impact of open gravel mines and pits. TerraZyme allows maximum leveraging of existing sources.

  7. TerraZyme Soil Stabilizer has passed the stringent environmental tests of Environment Canada. There is no limit placed on importing and usage in Canada.

  8. Reduces potential for loss-of-control vehicle accidents due to loose gravel.

TerraZyme delivers stronger, longer-lasting roads at lower costs than conventional road designs. It is also better for the environment. Contact Nature Plus today to see how TerraZyme can improve your project plans.

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