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TerraZyme, Road Stabilization, Road Construction, Dirt Road
TerraZyme, Road Stabilization, Road Construction, Dirt Road

Increasing pressure on road engineers has opened the door for broader use of soil stabilizers

The World Bank tested these newer, more cost effective soil stabilizers

The World Bank study found that while some soil stabilizers work very well, all brands did not perform the same

World Bank Study -  Soil Stabilization

The increasing challenge for road engineers to maintain road performance, work within limited budgets and meet the tightening of environmental regulations has opened the door for the introduction of other kinds of soil additive stabilizers including highly cost-effective liquid enzyme formulations.

Since the advent of soil stabilizers, road executives and construction engineers have sought to learn if stabilizers actually work as advertised and whether there is a performance difference between the various soil stabilizer brands on the market. The World Bank, with the implementation support of the Government of Paraguay, funded a definitive study of the effectiveness of new soil stabilization technology on secondary or rural roads and made the results available to the world road construction community.

This World Bank study, "Octavo Proyecto de Carreteras - Prestamo del Banco Internacional de Reconstrucción y Fomento (BIRF) 3685-PA, shows that some soil stabilizers consistently showed superior performance compared with untreated, adjacent test road sections. It also proved that there was a significant performance difference between the soil stabilizer brands that were used in the test.

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