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Easy application means high output and lower costs

Application training is available

Superior control of road quality

Stronger base layers also mean lower maintenance and fewer repairs

Lower costs and quicker ROI

Current projects exceed the number of available qualified contractors

Assure that stabilization is included in project specifications

Road Contractors

Higher production efficiency and output

TerraZyme is easy to apply. A road team using TerraZyme with standard road construction equipment can easily exceed an output of 3,000 square meters per day. In recycling and stabilizing RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) with an asphalt reclaimer, output can reach 50,000 square meters per day. TerraZyme's flexibility also makes it possible to use more of locally available materials, thereby dramatically improving productivity while lowering costs.


Nature Plus offers programs to train construction teams on TerraZyme’s application procedures and designs. The most effective approach is to train both a team leader and the team’s operators during the beginning of a multi-kilometer project. Engineers with a general knowledge of soil mechanics and experienced construction equipment operators can expect to acquire the experience to successfully work unsupervised with TerraZyme within two days. TerraZyme is easy to apply and safe to handle.

Greater control over project quality

The quality of road structures built with TerraZyme can be superior to those created using conventional designs because TerraZyme upgrades the mechanical and strength properties of local soils, allowing reduction of imported expensive soil and stone. Simple laboratory and field testing verifies the effect of TerraZyme on soil layers providing a stronger, improved quality base.

Reduced maintenance responsibilities

TerraZyme increases the flexural strength of road base or sub-base layers to reduce movement from vehicle loading on surface pavements such as asphalt or concrete. The result is fewer potholes and ruts on unsurfaced roads and less cracking and loosening of surface coating than for unstabilized structures. Replacement asphalt can be delayed several years.

Fast return on investment

More rapid construction speed and associated lower costs of materials mean that projects executed with TerraZyme deliver a much quicker return on investment. Often, the use of TerraZyme can lower a road’s overall construction cost by 10% to 25%. AASHTO cost design models are used to show expected savings in comparison to standard project designs.

Road Contractors interested in working with TerraZyme should engage their road designers in a discussion on the benefits of soil stabilizers. Nature Plus will gladly participate in those conversations upon request. Those executing any government and private projects with TerraZyme should contact Nature Plus about upcoming projects to discuss potential benefits and savings through stabilization design options. At present there are an insufficient number of qualified, experienced contractors to handle the number of incoming projects. Soil stabilizer usage needs to be written into road project specifications so that project bidding includes this option. TerraZyme stabilization options can be excluded from specification if some road officials, design engineers or road consultants are not aware of the technology.

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