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Road Construction

NPI's extensive technical knowledge of TerraZyme's ability to create superior roads is passed-on in our training...

...on-site... orientation sessions...

...via direct phone, fax and e-mail communication...

...and in comprehensive pre-project consulting

TerraZyme Distributor Training

Nature Plus trains new clients and distributors to be sure that their use of TerraZyme provides the highest degree of success. Hundreds of projects worldwide have given us a scientific understanding of TerraZyme's ability to transform "bad roads" into low maintenance, long lasting roads. This understanding is passed along in our training.

  • On-site training and supervision for your initial project. An evening or morning prior to the start of the project will be spent with the road team reviewing and discussing critical soil parameters, the TerraZyme process and the importance of following proper stabilization procedures.

  • 3-day orientation, training and certification process, with on-site supervision for projects of sufficient length, or as separate cost. Up to 3 days can be allocated at each road stabilization project for reviewing practices and coaching on areas needing attention. Do’s and Don’ts will be highlighted.

  • Technical dialogue by email, telephone or fax for active clients. NPI personnel are as close as your email, fax or telephone to answer questions, resolve concerns and provide guidance. We are dedicated to fast turnaround to meet client schedules. Inquiries containing concise soil information and focused questions from the field will help us provide the best answers and quickly resolve uncertainties.

  • Technical Support orientation for Field Projects: pre-engineering, applications consulting and monitoring, post application measurement and reporting. A guided review of engineering questions conducted before project initiation is critical for success. Question topics include evaluation of the proposed road, soil analysis, drainage problems, water availability, etc. Question and report formats are provided.

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