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TerraZyme is used throughout Central and South America

In a USAID test in Honduras, TerraZyme was the only soil stabilizer chosen for extensive use

TerraZyme has been used to stabilize road structures for Brazilian city streets,...

... paved and unsurfaced state roads...

...the Continental Roadway to the Pacific...

...temporary logging roads and...

...road shoulders

In Chile, TerraZyme stabilized mine roads, and

In Paraguay, TerraZyme was again chosen over other road stabilizers in a head-to-head competition

TerraZyme in Central & South America

TerraZyme road stabilization projects have been completed in dozens of government projects throughout Central America including Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Uruguay, Ecuador, Columbia and Peru. Likewise, TerraZyme has been specified for use in such South America countries as Brazil, Paraguay and Chile.


USAID conducted tests in Honduras to determine which road stabilizer would be best to repair damaged roads from Hurricane Mitch. TerraZyme was the clear winner. Although high rainfall and clay soils were common challenges, TerraZyme stabilized roads throughout the region using 12 - 14 local construction teams. Nature Plus trained the teams and USAID engineers provided application audit and reporting services. In total, nearly 300 kilometers were stabilized. Request a copy of the USAID Study.


TerraZyme stabilized twenty thousand square meters of three unsurfaced streets in Curitiba, Brazil. The greatly improved CBR prepared the way for "chip and seal" surface treatment. Request a project report.

TerraZyme stabilized five roads under the direction of the State of Ceara's Department of Roads. One road was stabilized in place with soil, then cold recycling of old pavement and TerraZyme took place. The other two roads were unsurfaced. Measurements showed CBR increases on all of the finished roads. Request a project report.


Working with the Brazilian 8th Batallion of Army Engineers in the State of Acre', NPI used TerraZyme to stabilize two roads on the border with Peru as part of the continental roadway to the Pacific Ocean. Although highly plastic, the soil could be stabilized. A surface coating was required to maintain structure strength during incidents of high rainfall. Request a project report.

TerraZyme was used to stabilize temporary roads on working forest lands to provide adequate travel surfaces for truck transport of logs. Request a project report.

Road shoulders of asphalt roads were reinforced with compacted soil and stabilized with TerraZyme. Erosion and wash-away of the stabilized shoulders was minimized. Request a project report.


TerraZyme stabilization provided sturdy, durable, temporary haul roads for trucks at the La Disputa Mine in northern Chile. Loads ranging from 350 to 400 tons were common. Roads were scarified to 25 cm, treated, then compacted.


Under the funding of a World Bank Loan, a study of value-added soil stabilization was conducted. Roads from seven regions of Paraguay were selected for evaluation and eight commercially available stabilizers were chosen for the study. After application, each treated section in each region was compared to the others and to a Control periodically over two years. Most stabilizers out-performed the Control in all regions and some stabilizers were consistently better than others. TerraZyme was reported as the top soil stabilizer. Request a project report.

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