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TerraZyme use in Africa includes...

successful stabilization testing for the Ugandan Ministry of Works and Transportation, and ...

agricultural feeder roads in Kenya

TerraZyme in Africa

TerraZyme is gaining use in Africa. Countries with limited budgets and pressing infrastructure needs are testing and using TerraZyme in increasing numbers. Projects include:


Four sections of a 10m wide road previously known for potholes and ruts were stabilized under a Ministry of Works and Transportation program. The TerraZyme stabilized sections achieved an increase in CBR and a reduced plastic index. Todate, the road has performed well and TerraZYme is recommended for use in the national road network.


TerraZyme was used to stabilize feeder roads to main highways. Over three locations, a total of approximately 6 kms were treated. Treatment allowed easier access and less damaging passage to main roads for trucks carrying farm produce.

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