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Toll Manufacturing, Product Manufacturing

1. Formulating

Toll Manufacturing, Liquid Filling

2. Bottling

Toll Manufacturing, Liquid Filling, Lotion Filling

3. Filling

Nature Plus Inc. manufactures and develops our own in-house brands and private label products for distribution to clientele. NPI also provides toll and contract manufacturing services including concept, formulation, production, packaging, and distribution. 


NPI specializes in medium and short runs. We have the experience and equipment to produce liquid and cream products including: perfume, hand sanitizer, conditioner, body butter, room deodorizers, and more. We are not currently tooled to manufacture powders, solids, or bar soap. 

The team at Nature Plus welcomes the opportunity to understand your needs and discuss how we can help support your product manufacturing goals. We are confident that NPI can be a cost-effective, time-saver, manufacturing option for your business.  

Toll Manufacturing, Labeling

4. Labeling

Toll Manufacturing, Warehouse, teamwork

5. Packaging

Toll Manufacturing, Warehouse, Hand Truck

6. Shipping

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