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TerraZyme is widely used in Asia...

building stronger, more durable public and private roads in India,...

...stabilizing roads and overflow basins in Azerbaijan's national oil fields...

...and rendering roads "Monsoon proof" in Bangladesh...

...and Malaysia

Work in the Phillipines spans 4 major regions and certification will be achieved in 2004

TerraZyme in Asia


Successful TerraZyme pilot projects in Kabul yielded a Government Certificate for Further Road Stabilization to our exclusive agency in Afghanistan (Arghand Diligent Brighters Group of Companies). 


TerraZyme use in India has been highly successful in the construction of both governmental and non-governmental roads. These projects have included unpaved surfaces of tar and pavement over concrete. Throughout, TerraZyme has scored a high satisfaction rate with users by increasing road strength and durability and reducing project costs. One of TerraZyme's key distributors has worked with India's national road agencies, providing technical support and applications consulting.


An international engineering group specified TerraZyme to stabilize roads and overflow basins at oil terminal operations in Azerbaijan. Nearly 1 million square meters of soil were stabilized.


TerraZyme was selected by USAID for a major stabilization project. Much of Bangladesh's soil is poor, with a CBR as low as 3%. As a result, the weather during monsoon season is extremely destructive to roads. TerraZyme stabilization improved the CBR well enough for a suitable surface coating to be applied and Bangladesh's treated roads can now survive monsoon flooding.


FELDA, the national plantation authority, chose TerraZyme to stabilize the country's extensive plantation roads and make them less subject to washout during the monsoon season. Stabilization proved a great success, with nearly 1,000 kms of roads receiving TerraZyme treatment. The results included a substantial increase in the percent of palm oil harvested and a dramatic savings in road maintenance. Request a copy of the PORIM report.


In the Philippines, local soils often need amendments to achieve adequate load strengths upon stabilization. Road stabilization work has been ongoing in the Philippines' Quezon, Cabanatuan, Bataan, and Mabatang regions for as long as three years.

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