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TerraZyme distributors get worldwide support...

...from professional training... a broad understanding of the technical and operational details of TerraZyme use... troubleshooting and consulting expertise... a comprehensive web presence... an extensive library of studies, project reports and ongoing scientific research

TerraZyme Distributor Support

TerraZyme distributors are provided with the following key elements of support:

  • Training – Nature Plus provides a training program that will render your application road crews and managers fully capable of stabilizing various road designs with TerraZyme.

  • Product Information – We know how and under what circumstances TerraZyme is used with maximum success. Our extensive library of studies and reports from previous projects serves as a powerful resource and is only available to approved TerraZyme distributors. Our Technical and laboratory studies will further expand your knowledge of the TerraZyme product and its wide variety of uses.

  • Project Consultation and Troubleshooting – Hundreds of field projects in more than 35 countries worldwide have provided extensive experience, expertise and project management know how. Our technical staff will bring this expertise to end users and clients at their locations to help in successfully completing their projects.

  • The website – We designed our site to inform, instruct and provide information to end users and clients about soil stabilization and TerraZyme Soil Stabilizer in particular. It is both a first step – as a lead generator, and one of several continuing steps in becoming a TerraZyme Distributor and increasing the flexibility and success of your road design projects.

  • NPI's vast library of studies, project reports and findings – As a technology company, Nature Plus has prepared numerous reports and technical studies that form a notable database and library on soil stabilizers and the performance of TerraZyme under many soil and climate conditions. Solutions to “bad roads” is our business.

  • Ongoing Scientific Research – We continue to expand our project database, compare product results and record feedback from field projects in order to advise our clients better on future road trials. Our experience is unsurpassed in this industry.

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