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EcoCare, Odor Elliminator, Waste Water Treatment, dumpster, enzyme technology, landfill, recycling

EcoCare Odor Elimination Formulae


For over 20 years, Nature Plus has been actively producing odor control products for industrial, institutional, and municipal use. Our EcoCare formulations utilize a combination of enzyme technology and chemistry to eliminate a broad range of fugitive odors including sludge, compost, leachate, garbage, landfill face, and animal effluent. Our goal is to make a difference in the quality of life at the work site and in the surrounding community affected by nuisance smells.


EcoCare is versatile. Concentrates can easily be used in vapor phase spray and atomization treatment systems. EcoCare can also be used as a point source or short-term solution during biofilter media change out or for landfill operation odor release events. It can finish scrubber exhaust, handle spot odor problems, or be tied into waste air collection systems. EcoCare metered liquid phase treatment is effective for deodorizing stagnant effluent lagoon odors, especially in animal productions facilities.


EcoCare is safe. Our odor control products are people and environmentally friendly. The enzymes and chemistry enhance the efficiency of the natural biodegradation process that destroys odors. The formulations are plant and mineral based. They are non-flammable and non-hazardous. 


EcoCare is economical. It is an excellent low-cost alternative to expensive chemical or thermal systems. Dilution rates are 1:50-1:100,000 depending on odor type & intensity.  


EcoCare is easy to use. Use fogger fans or spray nozzles to apply EcoCare as fog or fine mist in the air, use in a water cannon to broadcast over lagoon/leachate direct spray on garbage trucks, or meter into fluent streams.

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