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Paper, Plastic, Meat Rendering Byproduct & Food Processing

Industrial processes often generate noxious VOC odors from organics, flavors/fragrances, and petroleum products. Production, processing, and liquid waste need to be collected and treated before they are released. Fugitive odors escape when tanks are cleaned. Hauled waste must be managed, especially as trucks pass through neighborhoods. EcoCare industrial strength formulae can help in every step of your manufacturing process.   

Odor Sources


  • Exhaust Stacks/Mist Scubbers/BioFilters

  • Rendering plants

  • Flash Mixing Pit

  • Sludge/Solids Removal/Handling

  • Drying Beds

  • Holding/Settling Tanks

  • Site remediation/hauling

Air Treatment

  • Air Assist Nozzle system

  • Mist Scrubbers

  • Portable Fogger Fan system

  • Low Pressure misting system

  • High Pressure misting system – EcoCare 250 Clear is specifically recommended

Problem Area

Problem Area

  • Fluent Streams

  • Broadcast or metering equipment

Surface Application 

Problem Area

  • Treatment Holding Tanks/Lagoons

  • Water Cannon

Surface Application 

Problem Area

  • Haul Trucks

Surface Application 

  • Pressure Washer

Problem Area

  • Scrap Piles

Surface Application 

  • Backpack Sprayer



Blount Fine Foods

Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

"Discarded oyster shell

waste piles were problematic to our local community. EcoCare Odorshield was dispersed with a backpack sprayer

on the piles, and helped

to contain the smell to a reasonable level."

Non-Woven Product Manufacturing

Frankehuis Fleece, B.V

"Drying of the materials used in the processing releases odors. Our firm is located directly in the center of the city of Haaksbergen and odors have caused many complaints, particularly in the summers. Within the channels surrounding the ovens and within the 40 meter high chimney, eight blowers are placed by which EcoCare is dispensed in a relatively warm and humid environment.  Waste gas volume is approximately 17,000 m3/hour."

Kraft Foods Manufacturing Plant

East Woburn, Mass., USA

"Heated residues and hot water waste from Jello collagen removal process released strong, offensive odors which affected the neighboring community. A high-pressure mist system dispensing EcoCare 250 was placed on the perimeter of the settling tanks and was effective at eliminating the public odor nuisance problem."  

Givaudan-Roure Corporation

Flavors & Fragrance Division

(Hoffman-LaRoche), Clifton, NJ

“Three of our plant sites were identified as major sources of odor. We used an air-assisted dispersion nozzle and product dilution equipment at the steam stripper and at the water quality testing station located at the point where wastewater left the plant site. The headspace of the wastewater channel and the steam stripper collection floor were fogged with fine water droplets containing several formulations based on EcoCare 250GR. Effect was tested using an olfactory odor panel techniques and neighborhood complaints were noted only when treatment was turned off.”

Tunnel Construction

ECODOR, Netherlands

"During the construction of a railway tunnel, the released ground is transported outside via a conveyor belt. High concentrations of ammonia are released from the soil to be removed (values ​​of approximately 45 ppm). By placing two fog fans under the cover of this conveyor belt, which atomize the ECOCARE 250 product, the ammonia content is reduced to values ​​of 10-15 ppm."

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