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Sewage, Animal Plant Sources, composting, windrow turning, odor sources


Sewage, Animal & Plant Sources

Active biological/anaerobic processes common to composting release strong odors especially when piles/windrows are turned.  Proximity to residential and business areas can create nuisance odors. EcoCare formulations are highly effective in eliminating ammonia, amines, mercaptans and sulfides.  Enzymes can aid in composting effectiveness.

Odor Sources


Problem Area

  • Windrows Top Dressing

  • Windrow Turning

  • Perimeter​

Air Treatment

  • Portable Fogger Fan system
  • Low Pressure misting system
  • High Pressure misting system – EC 250 Clear is specifically recommended

Surface Application 

  • Backpack Sprayer

  • Pressure Washer

  • Garden Sprayer

  • Water Truck with Spray Cannon

Problem Area

  • Fluent Streams

  • Chemical Proportioner/Metering Pump

Surface Application 

Problem Area

  • Rain & Run-Off Collection Ponds

  • Water Cannon

Surface Application 



Wegman Farms

Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA

“Our compost facility has 16 bins and processes 60,000 cubic feet per minute of off-gas.  We installed a large complex acid/caustic spray chamber to combat the odor problem, but still continued to get neighborhood complaints.  Using the same spraying equipment, we have now replaced the caustic bleach and much of the sulfuric acid usage with environmentally safe EcoCare.  This has improved our odor control results and achieved greater community acceptance at an equivalent cost.”

Albert Alfredo

R.O.M., Inc. White Plains, NY

“We have had great success with EcoCare during our windrow process.  It terminates any odor within five minutes of application.  We had many complaints from neighbors, but now with a spray rig standing by for application when needed, our worries about odor problems have ceased.”

Compost Facility

ECODOR, Netherlands

“Air is extracted from a storage shed with compost and emitted to the outside air via scrubbers and biobeds. After the biobeds, EcoCare is being used in a deodorization system is installed as a downstream deodorization technique, which is switched on / off if this is deemed necessary due to excessive odor emissions from the biofilters in combination with an unfavorable wind direction. One high-pressure nebulizer system with 64 atomizers was chosen.”

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