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Eco Care, Waste Water Treatment
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As the community grows closer to the WWTP, many sources of odor will potentially need to be controlled. The pump stations are usually located in neighborhoods and mercaptans/Hydrogen sulfide are released. At the treatment facility, grit removal odors from disturbed waste stream are noxious.  Headwater channel to primary settling tank and filter house to landfill are prime times and areas for EcoCare products to treat the diverse range of smells from solid and  waste water.     

Odor Sources


  • Aeration

  • Digesters

  • Filter Press

  • Grit Works

  • Headworks

  • Weirs

  • Scrubbers

  • Pump House

  • Sludge Holding Tanks

  • Septage Receiving

  • Equalization Tanks

  • Drying Beds

  • Clarifiers/Settling Tanks

Air Treatment

  • Air Assist Nozzle system

  • Portable Fogger Fan system

  • Low Pressure misting system

  • High Pressure misting system – EcoCare 250 Clear is specifically recommended

Problem Areas

Problem Areas

  • Filter Cake Hauling/Composting

Surface Application 

  • BackPack Sprayer

  • Pressure Washer

  • Garden Sprayer

  • Water Truck with Spray Cannon



City of Chicopee, Massachusetts - WWTP

15.5 MGD treatment plant that normally operates at 8 MCD. Been using EcoCare 250 Clear in an air assist nozzle system since 1998. Good odor control results have continued in: filter press room, primary settling tanks, weirs, grit chamber, sludge receiving, and screw pump areas.

Rutte - Wastewater Treatment & Composting Plant

Air from the composting process is treated in a biofilter.  For a greater reduction in the odor in the air after it passes the biofilter, 120 blowers dispensing EcoCare are used in a 30 meter long tank which provides the necessary contact time. The contact area is 3 meters in diameter and about 200 m3. About 170 liters of fluid are injected with a dilution from 1:400 to 1:500. 

Lackawanna River Basin

Throop, Pennsylvania - WWTP

EcoCare 250 Clear is being used in a low-pressure system over the primary clarifier and effectively controlling the odors.

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