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EcoCare 250GR Odor Eliminator

EcoCare 250GR is specifically formulated to eliminate VOC odors (perfumes, fragrances, solvents, petroleum, aromatics) in air collection systems and waste water/sewer head spaces. It also reduces sludge odors, ammonia, mercaptans, hydrogen sulfides and sulphur dioxide, skatoles, indoles and hydrocarbon compounds.

  • Concentrated natural fermentation product

  • Biodegrades odors - Not a perfume or masking agent

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous  

  • Biodegradable & environmentally friendly

Odor Source Applications:


  • Exhaust stack air release

  • Scrubber finishing

  • Sludge/solids removal & hauling

  • Dewatering

  • Settling tank holding

Dilute 1:50 - 1:500 depending on odor type and intensity. Apply as fog or fine mist in in air collection systems and waste water/sewer head spaces. Not for use in high-pressure systems.



EcoCare 250GR contains natural protein enzymes and surfactants derived from cereal, vegetable extracts, and carbohydrate ferment.



Good handling practice and appropriate PPE should be used when working with concentrated products.
Stir contents before using.


For maximum effectiveness and longevity store EcoCare 250GR below 125 degrees° F. 

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