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Animal bedding/waste and the lagoons/pits where barn washings are collected generate offensive odors especially under hypoxic conditions.  EcoCare is used to manage odors releases that can affect neighboring communities.

Breeding Houses, Animal Barns, Feedlots, Stockyards, Dairies

Odor Sources


  • Animal bedding

Surface Application 

  • Garden Sprayer

Problem Area

Problem Area

  • Fluent Streams

  • Chemical proportioner/Metering pump

Surface Application 

Problem Area

  • Liquified Waste in Lagoons/Pits

  • Water cannon

Surface Application 


Chicken Slaughterhouse

GPS, Gecombineerde Pluimvee Slachterijec, B.V.

“Our slaughterhouse is often so warm and humid that it is difficult to breathe. We used 250Y to treat air from the hotbeds. Our system consisted of one blower at each emission point- one nozzle per 500 m3. General contact time is 1.5 seconds.  A bio-filter is located in a closed off area.”

Beef, Sheep, and Pig Slaughterhouse

Gebr. Westgeest, Netherlands

“To deal with the odor remaining from the waste storage area, EcoCare is dispersed with a 1 blower nozzle in the silo. Dilution 1:1000.”

Chicken Farm

DeHeer J. Kaypers

agribusiness, waste water treatment, sewage, animal odor, plant source odors


“EcoCare is used to condition the air in the stalls at a dilution of 1:1500. The combination of water and concentrate works well.  Using water only makes the area too cool and no treatment at all results in high concentrations of ammonia odor.”

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