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NaturCare Odor & Stain Eliminator

Doctor and patient

NaturCare Odor & Stain Eliminator is a vegetable extract spray that is being used in hospitals and clinics as a nursing “first aid” resource to eliminate odors. It is versatile and safe to use in the air, on intact skin, masks/clothing, water-safe soft and hard surfaces. NaturCare naturally biodegrades odors and leaves no chemical masking smell. Essential oils can be added to incorporate their potential benefits: Lavender to calm, Fresh Mint for nausea relief, Citrus (Orange/Grapefruit or Lemon Burst) to energize. NaturCare is versatile & effective on odors from incontinence, illness, immobility, ostomy and food. It has proven both FUNCTIONAL & PLEASANT for 10+ years, improving patient satisfaction, staff tolerability and visitor perception of care. NatureCare also helps to lift organic stains on fabric and keep them from setting. 

NaturCare is not an odor coverup or masking agent.  When unscented NaturCare is misted in the air or directly on an odor source, the active ingredients in the formula attach to the odor/stain and expedite its conversion to a simpler form (natural biodegradation), thus eliminating it. Any bulk is then wiped away and the area resprayed. If odors continue, the source area may need to be saturated and NaturCare given more time to deodorize. Another consideration is the odors may be coming from a different source that may need to be treated also.  Essential Oils can be added, but once the formula is misted and has contact, the Essential Oil is also broken down, and in a short time there should be no lingering smell of any kind.

Doctor and Patient

How it works:

Orange Grapefruit 4 oz, Nature Care
Orange Grapefruit 4 oz - Back of Bottle, Nature Care
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BONUS: NaturCare helps lift organic stains on clothing & fabric,

and keeps spots from setting until laundered. 

Organic stain lifter, Pre-laundry aid, Spot lifter, NaturCare
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