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NP Peppermint Spirits

Peppermint essential oil is known to provide relief from stress and reduce effects of nausea. NP Peppermint Spirits contains peppermint essential oil in an alcohol carrier. The energizing aroma diffuses slowly into the air when the 1 oz. bottle is opened and wicked with a 2X2” or 4X4” gauze. 


NP Peppermint Spirits replaces smells from gastric bypass theaters to smaller care areas as it dissipates over time. A few drops of NP Peppermint Spirits on a cotton ball or pillowcase can aid in countering nausea for patients preop/post op. A drop in a surgical mask can also alleviate staff stress and make necessary work more pleasant. NP Peppermint Spirits is not for internal use.

Peppermint Spirits Front
Peppermint Spirits Back

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