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NC Super Odor Eliminator

PIC - New NC Super Odor Eliminator front
PIC - New NC Super Odor Eliminator back.

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Some odors at medical facilities are more pungent and require additional product strength to truly deodorize.  NC Super Odor Eliminator is specially formulated to eliminate tougher illness, medical waste & decay odors. It is unscented, non-toxic, and safe to use on water-safe soft and hard surfaces while patients and staff are in the vicinity.


NC Super Odor Eliminator, also with vegetable extract active ingredients, powerfully biodegrades odors on contact, converting them to a simpler form thus eliminating the offending odor source smell. NCSOE is not a masking agent and so there is no residual heavy chemical smell.  It is a deodorizer not a disinfectant.


NC Super Odor Eliminator is packaged in 16 oz. bottles with a trigger sprayer for wider broadcast and volume of deodorizer dispensed. NCSOE is ready to take on tough organic odors from the diaper room to urine-soaked mattresses to the “river of C diff.” 

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