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Odor control, specialty cleaning and clarification products for health care, pet care, pool & spa, and home markets
Stabilization of dirt road/pad, subbase & subgrade, recycled asphalt (RAP) and pond sealing;
 Product training and distribution
Odor control products for waste management: WWTP, landfills,
 composting, agribusiness, and industrial applications
Contract services specializing in medium and short runs: concept, formulation, production, packaging, and distribution
Toll Manufacturing
Odor control, Deodorizers, Medical deodorizers, Essential Oil deodorizers, Ostomy deodorizers, Incontinence supplies, Pet products, Enzymes, Pool chemicals, Soil Stabilization, Recycled Asphalt, Private label, Green cleaners, Green chemistry, Toll Manufacturing, Waste Management, Hand sanitizer, Eco Care, Nature Care, Terra Zyme, environmentally friendly


Nature Plus, Inc. is a privately owned, certified small business, with research, development and production facilities in Stratford, Connecticut, USA. Since 1991, NPI has developed and manufactured private label formulations for domestic and international distributors and specialty marketing companies, as well as in-house brands for institutional direct sale. 

NPI formulations for industrial, institutional and consumer applications include: fermentation products, plant extracts, minerals, and safe stabilizing and surfactant chemistries. Our formulae can be prepared unscented or with your scent and color preferences. Concentrates and volume discounts to meet your in-house packaging needs can be arranged. Nature Plus, Inc. also does toll and contract manufacturing. 


Our goal is to offer safe, cost-effective products and service options that support our mutual product quality and green goals.

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