Nature Plus

Nature Plus Inc. is a biotechnology company that manufactures niche formulations for industrial and consumer applications. Nature Plus is privately owned, with administrative, marketing, formulation and fermentation facilities in Stratford, Connecticut, USA.

Nature Plus manufactures specialty extracts and formulations for the following industries: medical, pet, pool & spa, home care, personal care, specialty ingredient, and industrial odor control. Nature Plus formulations are a blend of natural by-products, protein components derived from a complex fermentation process of selected plant extracts and mineral nutrients, and surfactant technology.

Since the incorporation of Nature Plus in 1991, the company has marketed branded and private labeled enzyme based formulations through direct sales and a growing network of domestic and international distributors and specialty marketing companies.


Nature Plus technology produces the following product lines:

EcoCare® — odor control products for municipal wastewater treatment, landfills, composting and industrial applications.

specialty cleaning, odor control and clarification products for the health-care, pet-care, swimming pool and home-care markets.

TerraZyme®Soil Stabilization Technology

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